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You did enjoy Les Cars Rouges and let us know...03.06.2011

Polkadotj86, Stirling, UK, shares her Les Cars Rouges'experience:

We chose “Les cars rouges” over the competitor l'Open tour due to only being there for the weekend and knowing it stopped near all the main places we wanted to visit. The other buses have more stops over 4 different routes - but the main tour route covers similar ground to” Les Cars Rouges”. The price was 26€ each paid on the bus for the two day ticket. Listening to the guide through the headphones gave just enough information for me to take in and try to remember.
We never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes for a bus to arrive, there were many going about that we saw. At the weekend it runs until about 8 pm so you just need to be aware of your time if you want to get back to your original stop by then!
Overall, just as we expected and required - a great way to see all the main sites and get your bearings. The only site it does not go near to is Sacre Coeur of Montmartre (would require changing buses on the competitor). We used the metro to get here.

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